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Automated Technical Language Extension Engine

Don’t let expensive and time-consuming translation stop your expansion into international e-commerce!

ATLEE is a language extension engine, which takes advantage of the fact that English is the international language of business. Where traditional translators focus on translating the entire website word-by-word, ATLEE assumes the average business reader understands the majority of conversational English and instead focuses on translating industry specific terms that may be unfamiliar.

Typical Translators

Translators typically translate by the word and require translating the entire website into multiple languages, which takes time and money, and also makes updates cumbersome and expensive.


WIth ATLEE a website operator need only translate their specified lexicon once. From then on, the site is always up to date, no matter what changes are made to the english version.

ATLEE Video Overview



Only the industry specific terms relevant to your industry will be translated.


Language extensions are unlimited, you can add additional language translations for your terms as needed.



The term highlighting and dialogue boxes can be styled to match the look and field of your website.

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